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  • On September 25, 2021, the 50th anniversary of the A. Zhubanov Music College in Aktobe was solemnly celebrated.

     The educational institution with a history of half a century is a sacred house, which from 1971 to 2021 brought up more than three thousand young generations, gave them knowledge and art, and gave them wings for a great life.

      A book «A.Zhubanov’s legacy – for future generations» in three languages was published for the 50th anniversary. The first part of the book consists of the history and memorable photos of each part of the College, the second part is made up of memories of graduates and teachers and leaders who worked at the College in different years, and the third part consists of congratulations. The book contains many photographs as evidence of the pages of history.

    A documentary film about the College was released: interviews of the first director of the College Kairgali Kozhanbayev , the director of the College A. Ismagulov about the achievements of the College, its current place and future prospects, video reviews of graduates, leadership teams were shown.

    Media: television, local newspapers published materials about the College

    The anniversary of the college was expected to be attended by more guests from our country and abroad, and this did not happen due to the global pandemic, that swept the world. However, all the invited guests came. They are:

    – First director of the College, Honored Worker of culture, dombrist,composer, conductor, professor Kairgali Usengaliuly Kozhanbayev

    – Daughter of Akhmet Zhubanov-doctor of science, academician Azhar Akhmetkyzy Zhubanova

    – Composer, conductor Turym Sagidullauly Alaguzov, who was the director of the College from 1990 to 1995

    -Chairman of the Union of composers of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan composer, Nur-Sultan, professor of the Kazakh National University of Arts Serikzhan Kuttymbetuly Abdinurov

    – Graduate of the College, professor of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory in Almaty, candidate of art history, director of the Kokil school – college, winner of the Kurmet order Abdulhamit Iskakuly Raimbergenov

    – Graduate of the college, professor of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory in Almaty, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Yersayyn Bakytuly Basygara

    –Graduate of the college, professor of the Kazakh National University of Arts in Nur-Sultan, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the Order of «Kurmet» Turar Baidosekuly Alipbayev

    – Graduate of the College, associate professor of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory in Almaty, cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Izmuratova Zamzagul Sharipkyzy

    – Teachers of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory of Almaty Narymbetov Galymzhan Maratuly and Yerzhanat Kurmet

    – Directors of Kyzylorda, West Kazakhstan, Mangystau colleges of music and art

    24.09 21-Director of the college A. D. Ismagulov visited the village of Zhana – Turmys, Mugalzhar district, the birthplace of Zhubanov, paid tribute to his ancestors and dedicated the Koran.

    25.09.21-guests who visited the monument to Zhubanov laid flowers in the city.

    – Representative of the International Media Center «DK Media World», Dimash fans Ivanova Oksana Nikolaevna from Moscow

    On 25.09.21, at 14.00, a press conference was held in the concert hall of the College with the guests. The conference was conducted by the director of the College, cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the I. Altynsarin medal Amanzhol Dyusenuly Ismagulov.The conference was attended by College teachers and students. There, Azhar Akhmetovna remembered her father, Akhmet Zhubanov, and presented an album with family photos to the College Museum. T. S. Alaguzov, who was once the director of the college, expressed his love for the current level and level of the College, thanked the administration and teachers of the College. A.I. Raimbergenov-appreciated the position of the College today at the world level, the work of teachers who train professionals in accordance with the name of A.Zhubanov.

    25.09.21 at 16.00-a large concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the College was held in the city’s Art Center. All creative teams and solo performers of the College showed their performance at a high level and surprised the audience.

    Deputy akim of the region Bulbul Orakkyzy Eleusizova awarded honored teachers with gratitude letters from the Akim, the head of the department of education of the region Zholdas Nurlanovich Batyrkhan with diplomas, the chief specialist of the trade union of education and science Aizharyk Zhailkhanuly Serimbetov.

    26.09.21 – Teachers from Almaty, Nur-Sultan held master classes for students at the College.

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