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  • Guidance for freshman

    We congratulate You on the day of knowledge and the beginning of training in the state enterprise “Aktobe Music College named after A.Zhubanov”! Know that on the way of your movement to the heights of knowledge and skills, there will be people who are ready and happy to help you. You be disciplined and executive, hardworking and diligent! We congratulate You on the beginning of student life! A new stage in your biography has begun, which will be an important beginning for professional and personal achievements. From now You are a student of Aktobe Music College named after A.Zhubanov”. The educational institution is proud of the annual achievements of creative teams and their deserved titles of laureates of regional amateur performances, performances at international festivals, theatrical productions, victories at regional, national and international youth competitions. Graduates of our College work in many regions of Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad. We have a team of true professionals and experts in their field. With their help, the mysteries of choreography, screenwriting skills are comprehended.

    In College, You can always find something to do: to engage in creativity, social work, science, to reach the top in various activities.  The teaching and student staff believe in You and hope that during the years of study You will not only acquire deep knowledge and become a competent, highly qualified specialist, but also learn to appreciate cooperation and human relationships. Good luck to You, health and good luck in everything!

    Guidance for freshman

    In the first days and even weeks of study, you may feel confused, caused by the unknown and novelty. It is an unpleasant but perfectly natural state of adaptation to a new environment that will pass very soon.  Know – you are not alone! Always near the supervisor, teaching staff, groupmates who took you into a large and friendly student “family”. Be sure to read the tips addressed to you, they will tell you how to act to feel comfortable in our educational institution.


    While you are poorly guided in the numbering of classrooms, make it a rule to come 10-15 minutes earlier: you won’t be late for the first lesson, you won’t break the internal rules common to all students.


    You should know your supervisor. This is exactly the person who will help to quickly resolve various issues. At the first meeting, write down his last name, first name and contact phone number. Tell the supervisor about your achievements, that you know how, what you can do, share with him thoughts about what you want to prove yourself in.


    On the first day, find on the information board the schedule of classes of your group (remember the cipher of the specialty and course) and rewrite it. We do not advise you to use for this purpose the first handy notebook. Keep a diary to record important information. College schedules can change, so double-check them.


    Go around the entire college building with a notebook in your hands. Find out what time the dining room and wardrobe are open. Create chat groups with fellow students, write down phone numbers and email addresses. Feel free to call them to clarify the schedule, to warn about the absence in class.


    The College library has educational literature that will help you to prepare for classes.


    You should have a separate notebook for each subject. On the back of the cover write down the surname and name of the teacher who leads the subject. Keep records neatly and on time. Remember that a notebook characterizes a student. Also, “in reserve” put the handles in the bag. It is useful to have colored markers with you to highlight important information.


    Remember that preparation for certification and session begins with the first lesson.  Systematically study subjects: regularly learn notes, independently read additional material, work out the most difficult questions.


    In the classroom, work actively: speak with additions, clarifications, ask questions.  In case of difficulties, contact the teacher. Always do your homework.


    Do not miss classes! Remember that there is a strict accounting of those present and absent. If you missed the lessons for a valid or disrespectful reason, you have to work out each lesson. In case of illness, study the missing topics on your own every day to get an individual exit task and complete it successfully.


    Behave with dignity. Be correct, helpful in communicating with others. Respect other people’s opinions. Remember that you are a future cultural worker!


    Live and think positively.  Do not waste your strength on unnecessary experiences. Prove yourself in student life! Show your talents! Remember to combine academic and community service. Be an active participant in events, competitions, reviews.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Are there any specific requirements for appearance?

    In our educational institution the business style in clothes, and also an element of a uniform in the form of a jacket of gray color is traditional. It is necessary to ensure that the head is well-groomed: braid clean long hair. We will not allow bright makeup, high-heeled shoes for safety reasons. Wear comfortable shoes for comfort and hygiene.

    Are students part of any youth organization?

    Student years are a time of special brotherhood. The rapprochement of young people who came from different parts of the Republic of Kazakhstan occurs during initiation into students by specialties, and as a result, a big event – Initiation with students. This event finally consolidates your social status – a student. You will be given a student ID, which is an official document.

    How to plan your day?

    Each student must remember that his study is regulated by the curriculum. No one can leave classes without official permission. It is also necessary to monitor what is planned, in addition to the training session, the supervisor will inform you about this.

    Who is eligible for a scholarship?

    All first-year students receive scholarships in the first semester. In the second semester, scholarships are awarded based on the results of 1 semester. Those who have satisfactory marks (“3”) lose it for the upcoming semester, however, following the results of studying in the new semester, a student can again become a scholarship holder.

    How is freshman knowledge tested?

    Students are interviewed regularly during the training session. Current marks are recorded in the log. The examination session involves passing exams. A section of knowledge is carried out on subjects.

    How long does the first semester last? Is there a vacation?

    Freshmen of all specialties begin classes from September 1. The first semester for the first courses is 17 academic weeks. Vacations last 2 weeks. In detail about how many academic weeks in each semester, you can learn from the schedule of the educational process.

    Are there any conditions to improve student abilities?

    Literally from the first days of study, the student is given the opportunity to prove himself in both educational and extracurricular activities. They can become participants in subject Olympiads; supervisors will offer them interesting and relevant topics for scientific research. Gifted students are delegated to professional excellence contests.

    How to organize your leisure time?

    The system of additional education of students is represented by various circles, the schedule of which can be found on the college website. The first step is yours! Choose and act!

    If you have health problems …

    According to the curriculum, there is a discipline “Physical Education” in all subjects of the college in the list of subjects. If you have health problems, please collect all the necessary documents in advance (before the start of the school year) and receive a certificate from the VKK.

    If you feel unwell, be sure to contact a college medical professional who will examine you and decide where to send you for further examination and treatment. Do not be shy to talk about feeling unwell, sickness – a medical professional will give you first aid.

    If something happened …

    Anyone can get into trouble. Do not despair. In the first minutes you need to cope with a panic and seek help, advice from an adult. First of all, tell your supervisor about your problem. If the situation is such that you are afraid of a frank conversation with an adult, then the College provides for this “Trust Box”, which is located on the ground floor.

    Useful information

    All the information you are interested in is available on the official website of the college kkas.kz, as well as Instagram – music.colleqe

    If you need to solve a problem, you should look at this chart!

    Director 3 room
    Deputy Director for Academic Affairs 6 room
    Deputy Director for Educational Work 5 room
    Deputy Director for Training and Production 5 room
    Deputy Director for Economic Affairs Dormitory building
    Psychologist 19 room
    Social teacher 3 room
    Medical worker Dormitory building
    Training part 5 room
    Library 1 floor
    Dining room Dormitory building
    Dormitory Nearby (Ualihanova 17a)
    Bookkeeping Dormitory building

    The class schedule is located on the ground floor, as well as on the college website.


    To find your group in the schedule, you need to know the name of the specialties

    (Kazakh) / (Russian) – language of instruction

    Special piano

    Wind and percussion instruments

    Stringed instruments


    Social and cultural activities


    Choral conducting

    Folk instruments

    Training sessions:

    I pair 7.55— 9.30

    II pair 9.40 – 11.15

    III pair 11.25-13.00

    IV pair 14.50 – 16.15

    V pair 16.35 – 18.10


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