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    ГККП “Актюбинский

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    им А. Жубанова"

  • General information

    Aktobe Music College named after A. K. Zhubanov

    Announces the admission of students on the basis of basic secondary education (grades 9)

    For the 2021-2022 academic year.


    • 02151100 Folk art (by type)


    4S02151101“Head of an amateur choreographic group, teacher “

    4S02151102 Head of an amateur orchestra (ensemble) of folk instruments, teacher

    • 02151000 Social and cultural activities (by type)


    4S02151002 Organizer of cultural events, teacher

    • 02150300 “Vocal art”


    4S02150301 Academic singing artist, teacher of children’s music school

    4S02150302 Traditional singing artist, teacher of children’s music school

    • 02150100 Instrumental performance (by type of instrument).


    4S02150101 “Concertmaster, teacher of children’s music school” Piano

    4S02150102 ” Orchestra artist (conductor), teacher of children’s music school. Wind and percussion instruments” (trumpet, flute, clarinet, French horn, tuba, trombone, oboe, percussion instruments)

    4S02150102 ” Orchestra artist (conductor), teacher of children’s music school. String instruments” (violin, cello, double bass).

    4S02150103 ” Artist of the orchestra of folk instruments (conductor), teacher of the children’s music school. Folk instruments (dombra, kobyz-prima, kyl-kobyz, sherter, dombra-prima, bayan, accordion).

    • 02150400 Choral conducting

    Qualification: 4S02150401 Choirmaster, teacher

    Applicants pass the entrance exams:

    1. Specialty (with and without musical education).

    2. Solfeggio (with and without musical education).

    Form of study – full-time, full-time (on a budget basis)

    Duration of training in all specialties – 3 years 10 months

    • Acceptance of applications, documents, and exams is carried out in accordance with the “Standard Rules for admission to SUSA of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
    • Acceptance of applications and documents from June 25 to July 20.
    • Entrance exams from July 21 to August 1.

    The admission committee works at the address: 030002, Aktobe, Sherniyaza, 31 phone for inquiries (8-7132) 21-08-46; fax: 21-08-46;

    Required documents for admission:

    1. application for admission in any form;

    2. the original of the document on education; (certificate of education of a secondary school and certificate of completion of the secondary school – for applicants with musical training).

    3. photos of the size of 3×4 cm in the amount of 4 pieces;

    4. medical certificate of form 086-U with the application of a photo image (for disabled people of group I and II and disabled people from childhood, conclusion of medical and social expertise), approved by the order of the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2010 No. 907 (registered in the Register of State Registration of Regulatory Legal Acts for No. 6697);

    5. identity document (for identification purposes).

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