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    We, students of Aktobe Music College named after A. Zhubanov (hereafter the College), mindful of its responsibility for realization of the mission of the College is to prepare highly qualified specialists in the sphere of culture and art; seeking to improve the College democratic relations between students employees and administration of the institution and preservation of the image of the College as the leading institution of the education system and the centre of professional training in Aktobe region and Kazakhstan; considering it a duty to comply with the rules of ethics, we accept this code of honor of students of Aktobe Music College named after A. Zhubanov and we undertake to strictly follow it.

    Adopting the code of honor of students of the SMGE “Aktobe music College named after A. Zhubanov” (hereafter the Code), we reserve for our followers the natural right to clarify and Supplement this Code.

    This Code is intended to regulate the ethical conduct of College students.

    Adopting the code of honor of students of the SMGE “Aktobe Music College named after A. Zhubanov”, we undertake

    Article 1. Comply with the Constitution and current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the College of culture, internal regulations and other regulations of the College.

    Article 2. To become worthy citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professionals in the chosen specialty, as well as to develop the best qualities of a creative personality.

    Article 3. To preserve the image of the College, to appreciate and respect its traditions.

    Article 4. To recognize as necessary and useful any activity aimed at the development and self-development of an active, creative personality and contributing to the improvement of the corporate culture and image of the College.

    Article 5. Lead and promote a healthy lifestyle and completely abandon bad habits.

    Article 6. To be polite, respectful, correct and attentive in dealing with other students, teachers, staff and administration of the College.

    Article 7. Do not discriminate on the basis of sex, nationality or religion.

    Article 8. To take care of the safety of the property of the College, including library and information resources, to ensure cleanliness and order and to prevent vandalism.

    Article 9. Outside the walls of the College, always remember that we are representatives of the College of culture and make every effort not to drop its honor and dignity.

    Article 10. To treat training and all forms of knowledge control in good faith, considering dishonesty, negligence and bad faith in the learning process unacceptable.

    Article 11. To strictly comply with their educational obligations to avoid ethical, academic and legal violations, in particular:

    · bribery;

    · skipping classes for no good reason;

    · lateness;

    · deception of the teacher and disrespectful attitude towards him;

    · violation of discipline during the training session;

    · use of kinship and other relationships to obtain a higher score.

    Article 12. Actively oppose all corruption in the College.

    Article 13. Observe the dress code-look neat: appearance must comply with ethical standards, observe the classic style of clothing.

    Article 14. If you find a violation of the provisions of the Code, stop it on their own or notify the administration.

    Article 15. Encouraging students

    For excellent and good performance, active participation in public events, in physical culture and sports and social life of the College for students the following incentives are established:

    • The announcement of gratitude;

    • Awarding of certificates.

    Promotion is announced by order of the Director, brought to the attention of students at meetings or lines.

    Parents excellently successful, disciplined, with success in sports, cultural, social work of students are sent letters of thanks to the Director of the College (Deputy UR, Deputy BP, head of the Department).

    Article 16. Responsibility of students for violation of the rules of internal the academic schedule. Violation of the established Rules of the internal educational regulations of the College is a disciplinary offense, for which one of the following disciplinary measures may be applied:

    • Comment;

    • Reprimand;

    • Expulsion from the College.

    The right to apply and choose a disciplinary measure belongs to the Director of the College and authorized officials, taking into account the degree of guilt of the offender, the severity of the offense, the previous and subsequent behavior of the offender and the circumstances under which the offense was committed.

    Article 17. Students may be expelled from College:

    · At own will;

    · In connection with the transfer to another educational institution;

    · For academic failure (not passed in the session exams in 3 or more disciplines; not liquidated in due time academic debt; not fulfilled the program of practice (internship); received an unsatisfactory assessment in the protection of the report on practice (internship) and have two unsatisfactory marks on exams);

    · For systematic (or gross) violations of the Charter of the College, the rules of internal educational regulations, the rules of internal regulations in dormitories; orders and orders of the College management, other local regulations;

    · In connection with the provision of documents with obviously inaccurate information;

    · In connection with the entry into force of the sentence of the court, which imposed a punishment that excludes the possibility of continuing education.

    Article 18. For systematic violation of the rules of internal regulations in College dormitories, students may be deprived of the right to live in a dormitory (in accordance with the Regulations on the dormitory of the educational Institution Aktobe Music College named after A. Zhubanov, the rules of internal regulations in dormitories).

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