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  • The history of the College

    August 18, 1971 issued a Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on the organization of the Aktobe music school. So more than 40 years ago began its glorious history.

    The first Director of the newly established institution was Kairgali usengalievich Kozhenbayev, a young graduate of the Alma-ATA state Conservatory, who studied under A. K. Zhubanov himself. By the way, the founder of the Kazakh professional music wrote very warmly about his pupil, considering him one of the most talented students with a huge creative potential. And indeed, this wonderful performer-dombrist and singer, attentive teacher, sensitive conductor and original composer, intelligent man managed to become an experienced organizer and administrator, largely thanks to which the music school was born.

    As K. U. Kozhenbayev recalls, the cultural education school that existed in the city could not eliminate the acute shortage of professional musicians, so there was a catastrophic shortage of specialists in children’s music and secondary schools. Thus, the emergence of a new educational institution was, as they say, a requirement of the time and was an important event for the whole city. It is not for nothing that the city authorities assigned to the music school one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of the old part of the city. Imposing, with pilasters and large semicircular Windows, it can not fail to attract attention and is well known to all residents of Aktobe.

    The first professional musical institution in the region developed gradually. It began with 60 students and only two departments-folk instruments and choral conducting. The first teachers began D. V. Agafonov, P. M. Savchuk, A. A. Zhakeev, B. I. Muchenik, N. P.Churakova, J. M., Shelest A. I. Stavnichenko M. H. Chentsova and others. The following year, 80 people were accepted and two new departments were opened: wind instruments headed By V. N. Fomenko with 17 students and piano, headed by N. I. Tkachenko and where 12 future specialists came to study. In 1975 they were joined by musicologists: thanks to the efforts of G. N. Skuridina, there was a branch of music theory. In 1991 was born vocal separate, “father” which was N. E. Taubekov. There were attempts to open a string Department, but they were not crowned with success due to the lack of stable and highly professional teaching staff, and only in 2010 string instruments “spun off” from wind and percussion and became an independent unit headed by L. M. Ismukhanbetova.

    In 1984, a dormitory of the school was built, and students from the districts of the region and from other cities of the Republic were able to live next door to the educational building.

    But the history of the music school is not only a progressive movement, but also failures. His path was not strewn with roses. During the summer holidays in 1984, the school experienced a large fire due to a technical fault in the wiring. The top floor of the building, most of the library, a concert hall with excellent acoustics were completely burned down. The whole year the staff of school was engaged in small rooms of a hostel-though in narrowness, but, as they say, not in offense. And in their spare time, teachers and students helped the builders in the restoration of the educational building.

    By the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 257 of August 22, 1989 Aktobe music school was named after our outstanding countryman A. K. Zhubanov, whose work was an era in the formation of musical culture of Kazakhstan. The 100th anniversary of the famous figure of Kazakh art was solemnly celebrated at the College in April 2006 with the invitation of his relatives and famous musicians from Almaty and Astana.

    By the 20th anniversary of the Aktobe music school, 87 teachers worked there, most of whom graduated from the Alma-ATA state Conservatory, as well as the conservatories of Kazan, Saratov, Astrakhan. During this period, about 950 specialists were released, various creative teams were created: a brass band, mixed and female choirs, orchestras of Kazakh and Russian folk instruments.

    In 1994, for the purpose of career guidance and to provide the College with well-trained personnel, a Children’s music Studio was established at the College. Its first head was A. I. Sennikova, which succeeded M. V. Patudin. Currently, the LCA directs the M. G. Potliner.

    December 11, 1995 in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 312 of 11.12.1995 Aktobe music school was renamed the College of music. A. K. Zhubanova .

    The critical 1990s, the first years of Kazakhstan’s independence, were economically difficult both for the entire Republic as a whole and for the Aktobe College of music. The state order was reduced every year, the program was reduced to a minimum, and, as you know, culture and classical art around the world can not exist without the material support of the government. In 1999, the school did not receive a single place on the state order. In this time of transition, a huge popular fashionable became a lawyer and economist, who was released in obscenely large amount a nowhere appeared the secondary and higher educational institutions, suddenly proliferated like mushrooms after a rain. On the first year on a paid basis, only 12 people were admitted to the music College, of which 6 students graduated. Some teachers in this troubled and difficult time went to distant lands, found another job, but the core of the team remained, as well as its best traditions.

    But it wasn’t all trouble. Like a bolt from the blue came the Decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 814 of may 8, 1997 on the reorganization of the College of music by merging it with the Humanities. Having listened to the newly made Director of this incomprehensible educational institution, the collective urgently sent its representative to Almaty, and as a result of such efforts of music colleges of all Kazakhstan there was an Order of the Ministry of education and culture No. 200 of June 3, 1997 again on the organization of the Aktobe music College. A. K. Zhubanova.

    But these sad times for the whole of our Republic have passed, the state order was revived again, in 2002 an acceptable new model curriculum appeared. Applicants and their parents have finally realized that they can not all be lawyers and economists, and most of them are potential unemployed. The profession of a musician is in demand, and not only music schools, but also the College itself needs qualified personnel in almost all specialties. In 2011, Aktobe music College became the only one in the region where 100% of graduates who do not continue their education are employed.

    Over the 40-year history of the College, it was led by K. U. Kozhenbayev (1971-89), B. D. Bukhman (1989-90), T. S. Alaguzov (1990-95), V. N. Fomenko (1995-2005), N. B. Konurbasova (2005-08). Now the College is headed by A. D. Ismagulov.

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