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  • library

    The library is a temple of knowledge and sciences.

    This is a place where you can think and, of course, learn a lot.


    MusicAktobe College named after A.Zhubanov

    Kamaeva Kulayim Umurzakovna higher education

    Library Schedule

    Daily: 9.00-17.00

    Break: 13.00 -14.00

    Saturday: 9.00- 13.00

    Closed: Sunday

    Objectives of the library:

    – education of a spiritual, harmonious personality, hard work,

    love for family, respect for man and nature

    through a book and reading.

    Priority areas of work:

    -development of interest in literary heritage, respect for books and reading;

    – The acquisition of new knowledge using modern technology.

    The main tasks of the library:

    – providing informational and documentary support to the educational process and self-education of students and teachers;

    – the formation of a humanitarian attitude of students;

    – raising interest for the national spiritual culture.

    The history of our library begins in 1971.

    To date, there are 12483 copies inthe library Fund.  The number of readers of the library is 400 people. The area of the library is 40.1 sq. m., the reading room is combined with a subscription, of which 18 sq. m. is a repository of educational literature. Our library is  adapted.  The library combines all the rooms where all the activities of the librarian are carried out.

    Number of seats in the library are 14. Acquisition of the library Fund is due to the state “Department of Education of Aktobe region”, and received as a gift from students and teachers of books.

    The library is equipped with a computer connected to the Internet, which is a good assistant in the selection of materials for lessons for students and teachers, the library has 1 computer, 1 printer and scanner. There is also an email in the library – amkbibl @mail.ru.

    For successful search of information in the library use an alphabetical catalog. The catalogue serves as an intermediary between the book and the reader. This is a guide that introduces readers to the library, with the wealth of its funds.

    The library has a collection of periodicals.                                                           

      Newspapers: “Egemen Kazakhstan”; “Ana tili”; “Bilimdi El”; “UshTagan”; “Aktobe”; “Aktobe Messenger” etc.

    Magazines: “Pedagogy and art”; “Anyz Adam”; “ZhuldyzdarOtbasy”; “Interesting psychology”; “Dastur”; “Book-Library”; “Self-Knowledge” etc.

    The greatest interest among readers is caused by magazines: “Anyz Adam”; “ZhuldyzdarOtbasy”; “Pedagogy and art”; ” Dastur»;

    Newspapers: “Bilimdi El”; “Ana tili”, etc…

    Book exhibitions dedicated to various memorable and significant dates are arranged.

    Every year the library hosts events dedicated to international and national holidays.

    The library needs a leisurely, attentive mode of communication with the reader. It is important and interesting not only the collective result, not only the best students, but everyone who came to the library. The pedagogical function of the librarian is a soft and friendly introduction to reading and book culture. Students should have an opinion that a person reading is a successful person; reading is the most important element of continuous education and human development.

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