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  • Trade Union Committee

    The primary trade union organization of the Aktobe College of Music named after A.Zhubanov – branch of the public association “Aktobe regional organization of the Kazakhstan industry-specific professional union of education and science workers”

    The main activity of the trade union organization

    Protection of social and labor rights and professional competences of teachers and employees

    • Timely and fair pay for union members;

    • Compliance with safety and labor protection in the workplace;

    • Free legal protection of social, labor, economic rights and interests of union members;

    • Presentation for awards;

    • Activities of trade union organization and cultural and sports events for college workers;

    • The implementation of agreements guaranteeing a clear implementation of the issues raised is carried out by the trade union in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Main goals and objectives of the trade Union organization

    * Representation and protection of personal and collective social-labor, professional, economic and other rights and interests of trade Union members;

    * Implementation of the tasks of the trade Union and its member organizations in labor collectives, implementation of the statutory duties of the trade Union, protection of social and labor rights and professional interests of trade Union members;

    • Control over compliance with the Labor code and Law on trade unions of Kazakhstan;

    • Participation in certification of employees;

    • Participation in the settlement of individual and collective labor disputes;

    • Providing financial assistance to Union members, promoting health and organizing leisure activities;

    • Monitoring compliance with labor protection legislation;

    • Organization of admission to the Union and registration of union members;

    • Implementation of organizational measures to increase the motivation of trade Union membership;

    • Creating conditions to ensure the involvement of union members in the work of the Union.

    Chairman of the trade Union Committee

    Сарсенгалиева Шынар Шарафаддиновна

    Sarsengaliev Shynar Sharafutdinovna


    Chairman of the Audit Committee

    Bogacheva, Svetlana Valentinovna, lecturer of the “Department of the General piano»

    Member of the Audit Committee– Член ревизионной комиссии

    Abdrakhmanova Asel Almatovna – lecturer of the “Department of the General piano»


    Karagulova Meruit Erbolatovna – lecturer of the “Department of folk instruments»

    Faizova Dilyara Kazimovna – lecturer of the “Department of special piano»

    Mustafin Turebek Zhanshaevich- lecturer of the “Department of folk instruments»

    Duysenbaev Bekturgan Dautovich –  lecturer of the “Department of wind instruments»

    Kozhanova Maral Kurmanbaevna – lecturer in the “Department of music theory»


    Zhamankulova Meiramgul Tlektesovna- lecturer of the “Department of choral conducting»

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